About Dr. Rich Harris Jr.  

Rich Harris Jr. is currently teaching at Islip High School, where he serves as the Director of Musical Productions, Choral Activities, and the Music Theory program. Rich has spent years on the band circuit working with OmniPop talent agency and the band HI-DEF.  During the early part of his career, he has worked extensively as a performer and educator while undertaking a Bachelors degree in Music Education, a Masters degree in Music History, and a Doctoral degree in Music History. Past accomplishments include being selected to the national touring companies of RENT and MOVIN OUT as well as working on an MTV pilot show. Rich has worked with such celebrities as Mandy Moore and Sheryl Crow. 



Name: Rich Harris Jr.

Birthday: December 22

Favorite Color: RED


Favorite Book: Plato’s - "Symposium"


Favorite Movie: West Side Story


Favorite Food: Pasta


Favorite Quote: “As we stand upon the ledges of our lives...it’s either sadness or euphoria.”- Billy Joel


Favorite Musicians: Billy Joel, Beethoven, Stevie Wonder